Marco Amelia, professional football player and 2006 world champion

 “Thanks to my constant desire to improve, I did meet Stefano Marchesi few years ago: he is an inexhaustible source of news and tips to my personal growth and especially for my activities that I do every day. Everytime ready in every area, he has a strong sense of responsibility combined with his competence: it’s really hardl to find him unprepared. He is the person to put in any role, also of great responsibility: he gives you a great sense of security. And that certainly is vital for any professional”.

Federico Pastorello, CEO at P&P Sport Management

"Who is Stefano you get it after 5 minutes you meet him. Sincere person, hard worker, loyal and competently. It’s a shame that I am an agent and not a president of a football club, a player or a coach, otherwise I would not doubt who to entrust all my communications”.


Gianluca Di Marzio, journalist at Sky

"I've known Stefano for a dozen years, since the days when he ran the Hellas Verona communication. Since then we have never lost sight of each other, we still have a huge relationship of mutual respect, personally and professionally. Young, prepared, determined, really always on the ball: you always work at Serie A level with him".


Giuseppe Sapienza, Head of Sports Communications at A.C. Milan

"I have known Stefano since 2001, at the time he was working at Hellas Verona and I was at FC Inter. After 15 years, esteem, professionalism and skills have developed steadily growing. I like to emphasize another aspect of Stephen: hospitality. 2005/06 season, "we" fans of Catania went to play in Verona and we won 2-1, a decisive game for promotion to Serie A. Stefano accredited us, entertained us, sustained us and eventually complimented us. How do all the great sportsmen”.


Franco Collavino, general manager at Udinese Calcio

"Stefano Marchesi has been working at our company in the 2007/2008 season in the role of chief communication & public relations officer, for both sporting and corporate activities. He has carried out his duties by showing initiative and organizational skills, and in his role he showed confidentiality qualities”.